You have to admit........ it looks pretty cool

Suitable for childrens parties, sleepovers, an extra room at a wedding for children to play........the possibilities are endless.

Whatever you decide it to be used for,  this 5Mtr. bell tent offers a unique and exciting experience for children and adults to enjoy.

Cost - £110

The package includes:

  • 5Mtr. Bell tent
  • Bunting​
  • 6 tables
  • Tea Light chandelier
  • Battery powered tea lights
  • 3 Floor mats

The bell tent is 5 metres in diameter and a further 2 metres is required for the guy lines to be attached.
This must be taken into consideration when locating the tent in your desired location.

Here you can see the tea light chandelier and the bunting within the tent.
With the tables removed, the tent can accomodate 6 adult sized inflatable beds (singles).

A unique feature of bell tents is being able to remove the sides so it has this beautiful 'floating' appearance.
This is especially useful on hot summer days! 

Here is another view with the sides removed.

Note: Due to temperature & weather conditions, the bell tent is only available for hire between April 1st and October 31st